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The Journal

The Journal is printed and produced to a very high standard – using good quality paper, with a stitched, softbound format – annually. It is distributed free to our members, and also sold under licence to library e-journal providers, such as EBSCO. So, it has a large general readership as well as an academic one. This affects its presentation and general stance in a number of ways:

  • We include some popular, creative and other ‘first person’ responses to Clare, of a high quality, but nevertheless of a kind not usually seen in scholarly journals.
  • We ask for an accessible writing style, so that all our readers can gain some benefit from the more scholarly work.
  • We may sometimes rule out work that, although in itself of high quality, does not suit the particular ‘mix’ of the Journal.

It follows that having a piece rejected by the Journal does not necessarily mean that it is poor work. It may mean that it would be better published elsewhere.

Back copies of the Journal are available to purchase. Visit our Publications and Merchandise page for detail.

We have been digitising journals which are more than five years old, for uploading into Google Books. So, click here and search John Clare Society Journal.