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The Journal

The John Clare Society Journal has been published annually since 1982 to reflect interest in, and approaches to, Clare’s life and work.


An Index to Issues 1–41 of the Journal, compiled by John Goodridge, is available here.

Back Issues

The following Issues are available in full via Google Books:

Issue 1 (1982)Issue 2 (1983)Issue 3 (1984)Issue 4 (1985)Issue 5 (1986)Issue 6 (1987)Issue 7 (1988)Issue 8 (1989)Issue 9 (1990)Issue 10 (1991)Issue 11 (1992)Issue 12 (1993)Issue 13 (1994)Issue 14 (1995)Issue 15 (1996)Issue 16 (1997)Issue 17 (1998)Issue 18 (1999)Issue 19 (2000)Issue 20 (2001)Issue 21 (2002)Issue 22 (2003)Issue 23 (2004)Issue 24 (2005)Issue 25 (2006)Issue 26 (2007)Issue 27 (2008)Issue 28 (2009)Issue 29 (2010)Issue 30 (2011)Issue 31 (2012)Issue 32 (2013)Issue 33 (2014) | Issue 34 (2015) | Issue 35 (2016) | Issue 36 (2017) | Issues 37–41 are available in paperback direct from the Society.

The John Clare Society Journal is printed and produced to a very high standard – using good quality paper, with a stitched, softbound format – annually. It is distributed free to our members, and is also sold under licence to library e-journal providers, such as EBSCO, meaning it has a large general readership as well as an academic one. This affects its presentation and general stance in a number of ways.

If you would like to submit an essay to the journal for publication, please contact the editor, Simon Kövesi, via email [AT] or write to Professor Simon Kövesi, Head of the School of Critical Studies, 5 University Gardens, University of Glasgow, Glasgow, Scotland, G12 8QQ.


Back copies of the Journal are available to purchase from the Society. Visit our Publications and Merchandise page for details.